I had the best of intentions last night as I set my alarm for 5:30am to get up and go to a spinning class I have been taking at the gym but alas when that annoying buzzer went off I was in the middle of blissful sleep and some random dreams. Here is one of them I remember.
I was giving Annikah a bath early in the morning when in walks my mom with Milton Berle. I was rather shocked as Anni was in the buff and I was only wearing a towel (plus how the heck did my mom run into Milton Berle?). She said she saw into him at the library and invited him over for coffee since she knew we had a coffee maker. He then replied “Oh, no thanks I laid off that stuff years ago.” Then after this bizarre occurrence I blogged about it and all my faithful readers thought it was so cool he stopped by since he has been dead since 2002. That was it. Ok, back to your regularly scheduled day.


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