So this morning I put Annikah in her high chair and decided not to make her wear a bib as recently bibs are akin to savage beatings. She puts up her hands as if to say “get that thing away from me you evildoer” and always adds a scream or grunt for added emphasis. If I am actually successful at getting the bib on she then yanks on it until A. it comes off or B. her neck gets red from the pulling. I have been trying to navigate this toddler world by choosing my battles. So if she wants to dirty her PJ’s who I am to stop her? We will just change her cloths for the day when she is done manhandling her pancakes and eggs.

So there I am cutting up her pancake and I turn around to present it to the queen and what do I see? She has actually moved her highchair by kicking her feet against the counter and reached over to grab……… a BIB that she is proceeding to put around her neck backwards. That is my child, “you will not dictate what I need, I shall make my own decisions.”


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