So upon a nights sleep and some reflection I remember all of the sweet and adorable Anni-isms. It also helps that she is being more of herself today (although I guess yesterday was “herself” as well and that is part of this journey of being her Mama, of loving her no matter what just like I want to be loved, I am sure she will do more in the future than slap her friends to make me want to scream or probably more often cry). She sat this morning on my lap and we watched tons of her little videos on this blog. It was not really planned but after I showed her her latest she kept signing “more.” In some cosmic way it was like God knew I needed to watch them so He prompted her to say “hey lady, see how darn cute I am?”, to be reminded of the blessing and honor it is to take part in parenting her. I love when I get something I already know but need to be reminded of.

Here is her being her cute self at the Tot Spot this morning.


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