So you are now 15 months old and as I was watching you sleep today I wished I could tell you someday all about your little self at 15 months, I want to freeze a snapshot of your little being right now and share it with you later. There is nothing especially fabulous about being 15 months old except that I am in love with this age and you at it. So here is a few things I want to remember about you at 15 months.

you say both “na” (no) and “yeah” (yes) and use them to express what you want and you have strong preferences! You always say “na” in 3’s to make sure you get your point across.

you love giving kisses to Mama and Papa

you insist on walking everywhere, and be walking I mean tearing through every place we go, no more carts or strollers for more than 5 minutes.

you greet people with a sweet “hi” and sometimes repeat it insistently until the person replies and smiles at you

you have really started testing us (mostly Mama) and get time outs when needed. I have to turn away during these time outs to prevent myself from cracking up as you stay in your little corner but scream out protests about being put there.

you are using your signs more than ever and communicate very well.

your favorite foods are avocado, chips and salsa (the dipping part), banana, watermelon, & anything they are offering as samples at Costco or Trader Joe’s

you open the fridge and get your own milk sippy

you bring your wooden train to Papa when you want him to play with you (you never bring this to Mama)

you love reading books and bring us books constantly, you also love the library so much that everyone there knows you (you hugged the security guard and the librarian gave you a book to keep)

you actually just started sleeping in the car- 3 times now you have fallen asleep in the car- who knew!

you LOVE to dance and crack us up in public when you hear any music and start busting a move. You recently added twirling until you lose your balance to your repertoire of moves.

you are very affectionate and give real hugs to us, it is the best feeling when your little arms squeeze our necks.

you just started making some animal sounds, so far you have cow and monkey down but Mama likes to confuse you by adding in sounds for animals that really do not make sounds like giraffes & turtles “dop dee dough”

your favorite song right now is “2 Little Dickie Birds” from your music tot class, so random but you love the motions. You also love “This Little Light of Mine.”

you are growing & changing everyday and I am proud to be your Mama, it is a privilege and honor God has given me.

In Love, your Mama


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