Annikah is quite the athlete. She enjoys biking & running as well as dive bombing into couches, our bed, her crib and anything else she can fall into (if I can catch this new obsession a video will be soon to follow). It seems that our love of the outdoors has rubbed off on our little girl. She can be fussy and losing all semblance of our Anni but almost immediately if we step outside she stops and A. points to the L rumbling by or B. smiles and waves at people or C. eats something weird off the ground. We are treasuring everyday we can be outside before the dreaded and horrifying winter comes (can you tell I get a bit of seasonal depression?) Being outside today was therapy for my soul.

The beautiful coolish weather was amazing and after my long run I worked the face painting booth at KidFest (my FAVORITE event our church does each year for the kids at a local Chicago Public School called Trumbull). This year was grand as I was not in charge of planning and could just show up , serve, and love on some kids. Last year KidFest was our first real outing after Annikah’s birth and I remember toting around our little 1 week old baby and being terrified of germs (as you can see by earlier comment regarding eating random items off the ground I have gotten quite a bit more laid back on said subject). I got to spend some time catching up with a few of the girls that were in my Kidstreet class 2 years ago. It made my heart smile!

After getting home from KidFest we made dinner and Annikah tried spaghetti for the first time. As Jason keenly pointed out, “doesn’t every kid have a spaghetti shot?” So here is Anni’s:

We ended the evening with a bike ride to Sweet Occasions in Andersonville for some magical coconut (for Anni & me) and Carmel Chaos (for Jason). I ask you does it get better than that?

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