After church and a mid day trip to the beach we headed over to Clark Street in Roger’s Park (our beloved and sometimes bedraggled neighborhood). There was a street festival going on that was packed with Mexican food, live music, and families! We joined the fun while walking through. Annikah enjoys these loud festivities I think because she has so many other little kids to stare at and communicate with. It almost seems as if you were really quiet you could hear the babies talking while being pushed in their strollers past one another saying “What is up girl?” “Can you believe they strap us these things and have the nerve to NOT buy us ice cream?” “I know, it is rough, see you around.”
We also ran into our great friends from South Africa; Tim and Chloe. They were working a booth for their church plant that grew out of their home. It is called Fusion and they have amazing stories of community and faith. It was great to catch up with them even if for just a minute.
I included a few photos of our escapades around town mostly because the one of me and Anni cracks me up- that is what I get when I ask Jason to take a cute picture of Anni and me. We both look irritated but I promise you we were having fun. Here is a video that shows us grooving and Annikah getting a bit cultured by listening to the live music. Yeah for gorgeous weather and neighborhood festivals!


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