Thanks to everyone for your concern about Annikah. She was doing much better yesterday and it seemed as we were over the worst part but today has been pretty rough so far. I think her ear is really hurting because she will scream for what seems like no reason. She did not sleep at all this morning and in general seems pretty miserable. Poor little girl. I do have to say she is an over achiever when it comes to being sick. Instead of just having croup and an ear infection she also got a diaper rash that quickly became so bad her little butt was bleeding. All at once! Thanks to fab Mommy friend Andrea who suggested a “magic” butt paste sold at Merz Apothecary in Lincoln Square her bootay is healing. I ventured out over there yesterday and made my way to the counter to ask if the salesperson knew if they had this magical diaper rash cream. Before I got 3 words out he ushered me over to the product explaining that it was a German cream that was their number one seller. Crazy! I see why as it has already helped so much (experienced Mommy friends rule!). She is sleeping now so hopefully the rest will help her to feel better. Luckily, it is so nice today so I think we will spend a lot of time outside this afternoon. Today will just be one of those days that not much will “get done” except for holding Anni and hoping she feels better soon. The saddest part is when she looks up at me with her teary eyes as if to say “Mama, help me.” I am sure this is just one of many times in her life that I will not be able to fix it but at least we can tough it out together.

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