Today after driving to 2 post offices to try to apply for Annikah’s passport and being denied we decided we needed a fun distraction from the wasted time and brain cells (spent “discussing” with government employees). We needed a fun experience after dealing with the post office bureaucracy. We of course set out on our voyage full of hope and excitement (ok, not really but it does make it more dramatic). I can hear you now, “why on earth would they go on a Saturday?” Well, both parents have to be present I guess so the baby daddy does not run off with the baby to Honduras or something. We called first and both places said they would be open and able to help us. Ha! They must love to laugh at the silly people who actually believe they can accomplish anything. Once we arrived we were told the Rogers Park Post Office does not do passports on Saturday and to try another branch. We returned home to call the other branches and specifically asked “Are you sure we can apply for her passport today?” To which they replied yes, anytime before 3pm. After Annikah’s nap we headed over only to wait in line and then be told “sorry, we only do passports before 2pm.” I think they just make up the rules as they go along to see our reaction and utter inability to do anything about it. But whatever we at least got to go swimming at Welles Park. It was free open family swim and we met some fabulous other families with babies. Annikah LOVED splashing around and sported her new bikini.

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